Tips for choosing the best policy for your car insurance

Not all car insurance “all risks ” ensure the same coverage. So it is common for two users who have signed a policy against all risks with two different companies have different warranties. This is because from the standpoint of legal and juridical concept blanket insurance policy does not exist, but is merely a name used by insurers and whose services vary based on what each of them considers. And depending on the coverages that fall outside of this package may surprise us to take some time to give a part to secure. To avoid a number of concepts that must be considered.

Types of coverage
Auto insurance is simply a document that regulates what kind of coverage we secured for certain cases, such as car theft, the damage caused to another vehicle in an accident, the broken windows, etc.. Each policy should clearly state the type of coverage offered and under what conditions. Usually fall into three categories :

Hedges affecting people. They refer to the guarantees offered insurance when the damages affect people involved in an accident. This includes liability, legal or travel assistance.

Coverage affecting vehicles. Cover damage to vehicles ( own and / or those of third parties), such as fire, hitting metal, glass breakage, theft.

Complementary Coverage. Usually offered as options and offer services such as the use of fines, replacement vehicle, the legal defense in the event of withdrawal of the card, etc..

Therefore, the first tip, before hiring a car insurance is to be clear what guarantees you covered for your car. And once defined should read the General Conditions of the policy to know the scope and meaning of each of the hedging.

Insurance rates

Although you can choose the coverage that you want to hire in each policy, it is common that insurance companies have different packages that integrate several of them. Each company are called differently : Ten New Policy, Allianz Auto, All Risk Plus… But often broadly grouped into four main categories to facilitate customers to know the guarantees include:

A third parties. Covers damage we may cause to other vehicles or drivers when the accident responsibility is ours. Under Spanish law, the owner of a motor vehicle must have a compulsory civil liability insurance to cover damage and injury caused to third parties and / or vehicles. It also includes legal assistance to certain limits that each company provides, such as a cap amount of compensation payable in the event that a judge sentence you to cause an accident.
A third parties with extras. These are policies that cover the mandatory liability insurance to third parties and includes some warranties. The most common are the windshield repair, vehicle theft or fire it. The companies allow customers to add other coverages, such as roadside assistance in case of accident, the claim of fines or the possibility of having a replacement vehicle.

The Big Risk. While a warrant third-party insurance coverage for damage you cause to other vehicles and / or drivers in case of an accident, with a blanket insurance policy are also insured for damage to your own vehicle, including small veneer repairs and paint. They are the most recommended policies when what it is to secure a new vehicle, but they are also more expensive. However, do not be fooled by the term “all risks ” since not all companies cover the same concepts. Some include extras such as the replacement vehicle or travel assistance, while others do not.
A insurance with excess. This is a formula that companies use to keep their customers take advantage of insurance coverage for small repairs, such as a sheet metal damage caused by striking a bollard on a parking maneuver. In practice it is a clause that requires the insured to pay an initial amount in repair. For example, if the established franchise is 300 euros, the insured will have to pay the first $ 300 of each repair you make in your vehicle.

Before you decide to hire a car insurance is advisable to do a comparison between the offers made by the different companies, because not all include the same coverage in third party insurance or all risk. In addition, having clear what kind of guarantees are best suited for our vehicle and we do use it, we can save money when opt for one or another company.

The most important thing is to choose head. You can save up to 183 euros a year if you compare car distintosseguros. What are you waiting ?

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