Dec 03

Preparing a house to potential buyers

Selling a home can be a point of stress in your life, especially if you have been in the market for a while and does not seem to be moving. There are ways a homeowner can help your agent to accelerate the process. From the beginning, you need to take some matters into their own hands in order to get the house off the market and the sale money in your pocket. Most tricks to sell your house are pretty basic, but they are things that should be done regularly anyway.

When people look for in a home

There are several ways in which potential buyers are going to his house to see if it is right for them. These different types of view are not mutually exclusive, in fact, shoppers will likely be in your home with a combination of some or all of the following strategies.

or watching the street. A sell signal on the lawn communicates the fact that your home is for sale. A lot of the time is the first thing potential buyers will see, after that, your attention will be drawn to the outside of your home.

or Open. Although open houses were never the best strategy for the sale, which remain popular. The homeowner will set aside a day (usually on weekends) in which those interested can visit the house on their own, usually with the current owner. A disadvantage is that although it is possible to clean the house well before entering, might soon become dirty with people through steps. In addition, an open house successfully draw attention to a gateway crowded!

or visits by appointment. These are the most common ways in which potential buyers make decisions to buy a house. The viewings are between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. They give the owner enough time to clean (if they still live at home), or touching the house a bit (if they do).

or virtual tours. A new trend in the real estate business is the virtual tour. These are rapidly eliminating the open day, in fact. Potential buyers can view your home from the comfort of their own, and an infinite number of people can view it without having to go through the house.

Preparation for visualizing Street

As soon as you put on sale you join, you need to start paying close attention to the exterior of your home. If it is summer time, make sure that all the flowers are removed and the grass is cut with a nice length. Do not leave anything in the yard that can move (tools, toys, machines). In the fall, remove the leaves regularly, and in winter shovel every time it snows.

Check the paint on your house and if it is peeling, apply a new coat. Since you’re doing all the others, now is as good a time as any to clean the outside of the windows as well. Trees or shrubs should be pruned. Remember, this could be the difference in programming a serious buyer or passes a vision!

Preparing for an Open House

The advantage of an open house is that you have plenty of advance warning, and can do a really thorough cleaning of your home. Do not leave anything out, dust, vacuum, mop, scrub and all rooms.

Before actually showing the house in any way, you may want to conduct a garage sale. This will help you prepare for the move, and make sure your house is tidy view of potential buyers.

You should also ensure that there is no repair or maintenance problems with the interior of your home. The furnace and the water heater should be in good working order, if they are older models, you may want to consider upgrading. Agents know that finding a good heating equipment!

Preparing for a viewing

From visits mean a lot of the same preparation as open houses, but they have much knowledge. It is better to keep your home in the cleanest possible conditions during the sale, to avoid having to make a huge weekly cleaning (if they will have an open house, then it’s a good idea to have a short time after the house goes on the market. This way, you know deep cleaning is out of the way).

Check your home whenever you schedule a visit with an agent. Make sure that you and anyone living in the house you can go elsewhere for the time, but it will allow potential buyers to talk frankly with the agent and prevent leakage of the disadvantages of the house. If you can, try to get your pets out well.

Preparing a virtual tour

Virtual tours are a great way to show your home. This eliminates the need for an open house and people can see the rooms of their own computers, or an agency. There are video and pictorial tours, if you can get videos, go for it.

Virtual tours still means you have to clean your house, you will not have to do it as often as with an open house, and the risk of theft is a bit degraded. Virtual tours not replace projections, potential buyers will always have to see the house of one-on-one. You may have to pull the same footage, but depends on the equipment your realtor has. Be as complete as possible, and some narration of the events of the house (not nothing personal!) Will be helpful.

Getting your home ready for viewing by potential viewers is one of the most important tasks you have as a seller. The way people perceive the house, and therefore the amount they are willing to pay, will depend in part on how clean and spotless house is in. One does not always mean an immediate sale, but it is a step in the right direction.