Preeclampsia and sperm exposure

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However, their data did not support the immune maladaptation theory of preeclampsia. Our purpose from this study was to investigate that if preconception period of seminal fluid exposure affects the prevalence of preeclampsia in primigravida women. The subject population consisted of primigravid women who were delivered at maternity Hospital in Kashan city during Also in their study, 12 months cut-off was considered as a short periods of sperm exposure to seminal fluids before conception could result in down-regulation of the mother's immune response to foreign antigens, thereby reducing the risk for development of preeclampsia. She warns, however, that if women are not planning to get pregnant, they should continue to use barrier contraceptives to reduce other health risks, such as sexually transmitted diseases. Many couples already elect for genetic testing before pregnancy to determine the risk of potential genetic disease for their future baby. Get the most out of Medical News Today.


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