Sep 23

Coffee Kuwalat, Cheap price Delicious felt

Mushrooming coffee shop business in the country, was not only pamper the coffee lover in various parts of the archipelago, but also demanded the perpetrators to be more creative and innovative in running a coffee shop business.

Along with the intense competition in the business market beverages that have this characteristic black color, it is a coffee shop business success is not only influenced by the skill of the barista in the coffee mix, but also pay attention to the maturity of the selected concept to target communities that exist around the shop them. Because, as we all know, the recent presence of coffee shops not only as a place to enjoy a cup of coffee beverages, but also become part of the lifestyle of the people to spend their leisure time with friends, family, and work relationships.

Seeing this phenomenon, one Indriasari culinary businesses in the Duren Sawit, Jakarta, began creating unique concept kuwalat coffee for coffee lovers indulge in the vicinity. As well as naming a somewhat eccentric kuwalat coffee, coffee shop serving Indriasari also very unique, which is served on a glass coffee brewed cup (small plates) with an upside down position.

Innovation coffee kuwalat carried Indriasari powerful enough, many consumers are initially curious about the coffee menu kuwalat, now a regular customer since the shop offered coffee taste really delicious with a fairly friendly. Usually, a cup of coffee kuwalat Indriasari pegged at USD 4000.00 / gelas.minuman unique coffee Coffee Kuwalat 200×133, Cheap price Favors It

To present kuwalat cup of coffee, it takes speed, and accuracy to reverse the glass. First bendable straws and put in the coffee cup to enable customers to enjoy a cup of coffee kuwalat. Furthermore Indriasari closed cups already entered the straw, with a cup (small plate). And then in a matter of seconds, so the saucer behind the cup (small plates) under the coffee cup.

It’s pretty messy, but with innovation, nearly every business day Indriasari visited many consumers. Even hangout open from 10:00 to 23:00 pm This could bring an average turnover of U.S. $ 700,000.00 to U.S. $ 1,500,000.00 per day. Of turnover, the profit pocketed Indriasari be around Rp 500.000,00 to Rp 1 million. Not large enough gains from the coffee shop business?

Therefore, what are you waiting? Begin preparing the coffee shop concept that best fits around your market share, and your courage to practice the right business idea today. Hopefully kuwalat information about coffee drinks, cheap price delicious taste can provide benefits to the readers and inspire beginners to immediately jump in the corporate world.